Welcome to Fishsim Frenzy

My funfish server runs most days/nights and accepts joins from Fishsim version 2.13d.
The server IP address is and shouldn't change , but if it does I will post new IP both here and in the forum.

  • Please watch the language while fishing in the server, as we do have some young children that play on the server too.
  • Please DO NOT advertise other servers in server chat without prior permission (this will get you banned as soon as I read it in the server chat)

Banned Venues:

Unvalidated venues from www.simulator.webz.cz are NOT permitted to be fished on the server due to them being overstocked with fish that are far too big and they can ruin the club records, I will reset any records that are caught on these venues and will ban anglers that continue to fish with these venues on the server.

Donations are NOT compulsory to play on the server, but any donations will be received gratefully and will be put towards webhosting and or domain name renewals.

Thanks In advance
Robert (Manimal)