I have noticed some people are having trouble joining my server with some venues since the new update was released, this is due to a new feature of v2.12 with checks made automatically for missing weather and objects, if you hear a beep when loading a venue, you will need to restart Fishsim2 and check the errors.txt file located in the fishsim2 folder for more information. On an error the version code reverts back to version 0 (zero), meaning you will not be able to join a server that calls for a minimum version (such as mine).

This problem can be limited by ensuring that you have all the latest addons for species(and graphics), weather files and object files downloaded from the downloads submitter and imported .

This will not help with some older venues that point to weather files or stock files from another venue that is not installed on your system (Amazon Jungle is one such venue, in that it points to a weather definition file from the venue "Around The World" ) and you will need to find , download and install the other venue or venues referenced by the venue that you are trying to fish.

Click for the latest species, objects and weather files

  • Species
  • Weather
  • Objects
  • Some venues have the wrong path to the weather files, So instead of the venue looking in the data folder for the files, the venue specifies a date folder instead.

    The "fix" for these venues is to download the date folder fix from HERE